The Small Town


Union Ave. LP

Summer Heat

About Us

We are The Small Town Sinners, a gritty, home-brewed band born from the Bakersfield sound. We work hard and play harder, whatcha' drinking?

Tim Dovell

Always go against the grain, I'm a blue-collar bastard, songwriter, family man. I believe in working hard, following your passion, and drinking just enough.

Micky Smith

My friends and my family are my everything. I'd gladly take the weight of the world off their shoulders if I can. I believe in telling people how much they are loved and how much they mean to me. Some say I might care too much, but that's just me.

Jake Loucks

I live and love every second of my life, whether it's wrench on my '53 Ford F-100, playing music, or hand in hand with my best friend and our dog Morra! Anyday I get to play my drums and hear the thunderous acoustic tones, driven by my heartbeat keeping time for the Sinners, it’s hard not to crack a big smile when our momentum gets going on stage! When I’m not working hard in the garage or at the rehearsal studio, I’m usually running off with the love of my life making memories on our adventures no matter how big or small they may be.

Matt Mitchell

When I'm not thumbing on the bass, I'm at the console with StudioOne up making magic happen. Put a bottle of Fireball and an ashtray next to me and the potion is complete for an awesome mix.

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